Can I exceed my bandwidth and disk space at any given time?

All hosting plans come with a stated bandwidth and disk space quota. Normally for all plans, both Elastic Hosting and Reseller Hosting, your account will suspend until an upgrade is processed to move to a higher plan (either Disk Space and Bandwidth) or when this resets (Bandwidth allowances start at the 1st of the month and run until the end of the month).

Email alerts will be sent to the email address on file when you are reaching these limits.

If you are having a one time occurrence with nearing your bandwidth, we may be able to provide a one time courtesy depending on the situation and you are welcome to reach out to our Client Support team to review and respond.

Some older legacy plans (both Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting and labelled -LP) may have had provisions to allow for increased disk space and bandwidth. Should your plan allow for this, you would be responsible for the additional charges as per below. Such allowances for overage billing charges does not indicate that FullHost is responsible for continuing to allow for exceeding of either Disk Space or Bandwidth on a regular and ongoing basis and an account can be suspended at any time if you are exceeding these stated plan limits.

  • Bandwidth Overage charges at $ .25 per 1 GB
  • Disk Space Overage charges at $2.50 per 1 GB



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