Do You Do Backups? How Do I Access The Backup?

For our Web Hosting (Shared Hosting, Enterprise Hosting), Managed WordPress Hosting and Reseller Hosting Clients, we use R1Soft Backups for managing backups on your account. You can restore files, folders, or an entire account for the past 7 days in our control panel (cPanel). **NOTE For older plans labelled -LP (Legacy Plan) those backups may not be accessible through your account and may need to reach out to Technical Support to access**

For our Managed Virtual Servers, a Managed Backup Plan can be purchased at a nominal license cost where backups are stored offsite and done incrementally and can be restored directly from within the control panel (cPanel)

Although we do backups for these services, we always recommend to our clients to make periodic backups of their account. This service is provided as a courtesy to our clients, and as a disclaimer, if you have anything that is necessary for you to backup, it is always suggested that you keep a local backup for your purposes.

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