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Large Phishing Campaign attempting to gain access to cPanel

While we generally know the drill with phishing campaigns and what they are attempting to do, this message that is making the rounds over the last few days has led to many clients reaching out to us. More information and a sample message has been posted on our blog. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to ... Read More

14th Apr 2021

Add Website Monitoring to your Hosting Plan.

We've rolled out a new monitoring option for monitoring your websites and reacting accordingly. This isn't just an automated message that will go out to you, but will ping our support team to review, and potentially resolve. If we aren't able to resolve the matter, we will reach out to you. This is on top of our already robust server side ... Read More

25th Feb 2021

WordPress Contact Form 7 Vulnerability - Update to 5.3.2 immediately.

Yesterday, an easily exploitable vulnerability was discovered in versions 5.3.1 or older of Contact Form 7 that is in use in approximately 5 million installations of WordPress. If you are not subscribed to our automatic updates with our Managed WordPress, we have reviewed and patched where necessary to version 5.3.2. Please see more information in ... Read More

18th Dec 2020

Improving the Way to Manage and Add Users to your Account

We are pleased to announce a huge improvement to how you can manage users to your account that many web developers and design agencies and other people that have long requested from us.Email addresses can now be used to connect to multiple client accounts!Before today, our system was an account centric approach. When a new account is established, ... Read More

14th Dec 2020