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Getting Ready for WordPress 5.0

For a good majority of our clients, WordPress is a name you know well. For those that are actively using WordPress, there's a new major version that's coming soon, very soon. One of the big changes coming is that the block based post editor, Gutenberg, will now be adopted to the core of WordPress. It's not new, and many of you might already use ... Read More

4th Dec 2018

Get Paid More to Refer Clients to Us

Our Affiliate Program is a great way to pay you for introducing us to new clients. It’s a win-win for both you and us, you get paid and we get a new relationship to build. We’ve updated our Affiliate Program to now provide even more money to you when you refer us a new client. You can check out our blog or the Affiliate Program directly on ... Read More

16th Jan 2018

Get Notified by Text Message – SMS

We've been hearing from many of our clients that it would be great to have another way to get messages from us via text message that are very time sensitive.For important notices relating to the security of your account and possibly service impacting messages, you can chose to now get notified by Text Message/SMS. This is an optional, opt in ... Read More

12th May 2017

Register or Transfer your .ca Domains for just $9.90.

No coupon code required! Enjoy this great rate for .ca domain registrations and transfers.

7th Mar 2016