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Introducing our new backup manager for Managed Cloud Hosting

At the beginning of November, we officially launched our new back up manager in conjunction with our Managed Cloud Server offering for our clients that have purchased the Managed Back Up solution. This change only is for our clients using our Managed Cloud Servers. With the power of the flexible and versatile solutions by Acronis, we are using a ... Read More

11th Dec 2020

COVID-19 and FullHost. Our Update.

A message from all of us at FullHost to you, our clients. Like all of us, no matter where in the world we are, in Canada and abroad, we’ve all been faced with personal disruptions to our routines. We are not immune to these rapidly changing situations. We’ve been dusting off and reviewing our BCP plans since early this year in preparing for ... Read More

17th Mar 2020

Critical bug in WordPress Plugins Opens Site to Takeovers

Two popular plugins made by Brainstorm Force, Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder or Ultimate Addons for Elementor, have had serious security vulnerabilities found about a week ago that could allow hackers to gain full administrator access to your site if using them.  We have been seeing this actively being exploited through plans not ... Read More

20th Dec 2019

cPanel License Model Change

On June 27th, 2019, all cPanel partners received communication of an upcoming change to the software licensing agreement. This change is currently being reviewed by us and further information will be available soon. cPanel is an industry leading control panel used in a number of our hosting products. There is no immediate impact on us or you ... Read More

10th Jul 2019