Does FullHost Collect Tax?

FullHost is GST registered and collects GST and HST on on all services for any order from Canada.  Orders from other countries are not subject to HST.  Our GST Number is 85291 7301.

For residents of British Columbia, all invoices will also be subject to PST and the 7% PST will be added to the invoice.

Tax is charged at different rates depending on the province that you are ordering from.  The tax rates for HST and GST are as follows:

  • Alberta – AB GST – 5.00%
  • British Columbia – BC GST – 5.00% and BC PST - 7.00%
  • Manitoba – MB GST – 5.00%
  • New Brunswick – NB HST – 15.00%
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – NL HST – 13.00%
  • Northwest Territories – NT GST – 5.00%
  • Nova Scotia – NS HST – 15.00%
  • Nunavut – NU GST – 5.00%
  • Ontario – ON HST – 13.00%
  • Prince Edward Island – PE HST – 14.00%
  • Quebec – QC GST – 5.00%
  • Saskatchewan – SK GST – 5.00%
  • Yukon – YT GST – 5.00%
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