Quite simply, we feel that the term unlimited when referring to disk space and bandwidth, is a gimmick. While many of our features offered with our hosting plans are unlimited, disk space and bandwidth simply cannot ever be unlimited. Many hosts that offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth bury many usage restrictions on these and we do not feel it is fair to falsely represent that something is not what it is. That is why we have usage limits on disk space and bandwidth that allow you to know really what your limits are upfront, and these limits are quite gracious that many websites should never come near either of these. Not only that, having responsible limits in place for every client means we are not sacrificing the quality of our product for everyone.

Our focus is on providing our customers with superior service and technology to provide you the reliability that you are looking for. We provide ample storage and bandwidth that will meet your needs. Unlimited plans do not provide the quality or reliability that you need to make sure your site is not offline due to servers being overloaded with hosting plans.

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