Do You Offer Phone Support?

When our clients need us to help them, we’re here round the clock to ensure we are providing best in class support to go with our blazing fast network. What’s a great hosting experience if you can’t get answers to your questions?

When it comes to handling support with you, we’ve frequently batted around what gives you the best support we can. And the answer keeps coming back that having a support system that is email/ticket based helps us in helping you. So, the short answer is no, we don’t offer phone support.

So I’m sure there’s a few of you that just read that and are saying “So, you say you want to help me, why don’t you pick up the phone? It’s only a few quick questions.” I’m glad you asked. Let’s take a moment to go through what we feel makes a great experience for you when you need to reach out to us.

When a client needs our help, we have a handy client area that keeps all your information together. Once you’ve logged in you see all of your products you have with us, all billing information and past invoices, and an entire section dedicated to support. We’ve got various departments to choose from to direct your request to the right people.

Creating a Ticket

When you click on open ticket, you can provide as much details as possible when you are reaching out to us, and add attachments and screenshots to help visually describe the situation if needed. This already provides a more detailed overview of the situation you are having than talking to someone over the phone. Often, we need usernames and passwords and we have this handy little feature that is called our sensitive data field, which means that information is transmitted securely to us with your “ticket” and is ideal for us getting information like username/passwords.


While it might take a few minutes to put this all together, if you are calling us you’d first be placed in a queue and if it is a busy day could be on hold while we assist others. Once we take your call, we’d then need to identify you, what your concerns are and then do some research as to what you need. All the while you are holding the phone to your head while you could be working on something else while we look in to your question.

In our work, requests are often unique and there are certain variables that we need to eliminate while we look for a resolution. So a phone agent would need to reach out to others while investigating and possibly escalating to someone else. So while you wasted valuable time on the phone, you could still end up walking away without an answer that we would need to look in to.


Now let’s flash forward a few months, you’ve had your issue satisfactorily handled but that pesky problem persists again. If this was done via phone support you are starting again from square one and we’re now figuring out what is happening, and going through all the same troubleshooting steps to solve the matter once again.

Ticket history solves this. We now have detailed records of what we did and what follow up questions we asked all tucked together in a neatly compiled ticket number. We can easily review what happened, and will be able to solve your situation much faster.

Follow Up

While email and tickets may feel less personable, in a 24/7 environment you need the same consistent answer no matter when the problem occurs, or when you need to follow up. Any of us can quickly jump in and continue your ticket moving forward, and you don’t need to wait for Bob or Jane to return from their lunch, day off, or holidays to get your situation resolved.

When another support channel may be better suited to answering your question we will gladly touch base with you to make that happen. But we’ve been using ticket and email support exclusively for years now and it works like a charm almost exclusively resolving your concerns and issues faster than if we were chatting on the phone.


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