What Products is Let's Encrypt available for?

- It's available on all Managed services (Elastic Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Multi-Account Reseller Hosting, Managed Cloud & Dedicated Servers). Clients with Managed Cloud or Dedicated Server may need to contact our support team for initial setup on their server.

How does Let's Encrypt work?

- Our system will automatically install certificates for all domains and subdomains that are hosted on the above mentioned services. In order for a SSL certifcate to be issued, the domain must resolve to the server already. For newly added domains it may take up to 48 hours for the certifcate to be issued and installed. There is no action required by us or you to have this happen.
- To enable Let's Encrypt manually, once the domain is pointing to our servers, you can log in to cPanel and go to SSL/TLS Status > Run AutoSSL > Enable SSL for Domains

How long are the Certificates valid for?

- Let's Encrypt certificates are valid for 90 days. Our system will automatically renew certificates and install them. There is no action required to renew these certificates.

Does Let's Encrypt offer Extended (EV) Validated or Organization Validated (OV) certificates?

- No, Let's Encrypt issues only Domain Validated (DV) Certificates. If you are looking for the "Green Bar" you will need to still purchase a paid certificate offered by another Certificate Authority (CA).

Does Let's Encrypt offer Wildcard Certificates?

- Yes, Let's Encrypt supports Wildcard Certificates. You must use our nameservers to obtain wildcard certificates.

Why would I still want to purchase a Domain Validated SSL over Let's Encrypt?

- The added benefits with a paid certificate is they have a site seal you can display on your site that helps provide greater trust to your potential customers and can help increase sales. Additionally, there is a warranty starting at around $10,000 up to several millions depending on the certificate. Let's Encrypt does not provide either of these benefits.

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