Setting Text Message/SMS Alerts

For critically important notices relating to the security of your account and service impacting messages, you can chose to get notified by Text Message/SMS.

This service will NOT replacement email notifications, but is for selected messages that are important and made require your immediate attention. You are also able to customize the text messages you will receive. Texts messages will be sent out from 8:00 to 19:00 PST. Messages that are generated outside of those hours will be queued and sent the following day.

Step 1: Add your Number
  • Log in to our client area at
  • On the very top right, see the drop down that says Hello (Your Name)
  • Select Edit Details
  • Input your cell phone number that you want to receive the text messages in the SMS Number Field
  • Press Save
Step 2 (Optional): Edit Your Preferences
  • Click on SMS Center on the bottom left
  • Untick or tick on any messages you want to disable or enable
  • If you Disable All, the only messages you would ever receive from us would be if there was a critical service impacting issue affecting our network, or very selected security related matters pertaining to your account.
  • Press Save
NOTE: Only one Text Message/SMS number can be inputted on an account, and it is added on the main account profile. You can add any number there you wish to receive these messages by Text Message/SMS

You can read more about this about on our blog
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