How Can I Add Additional Contacts To My Account?

Yes, you can add additional contacts. As the main account holder, you are the one that controls setting up and changing these access rights in future.

  • Go to Hello (Your Name) on the top right side of the client area.
  • Click on the drop down arrow to access this menu.
  • Select ‘Contacts/Subcontacts’

Once adding their personal information, you can designate what access rights they will have on the account.

Activate Sub-Account

  • Activate Sub-Account - Allows that individual to Have client area access with this sub account

Once a sub-contact has been created, they can then log in at

You can then additionally designate what roles they have, by setting up Permissions on what they can do.

If you've designated their ability to open or create tickets, both they and the main account holder will be copied on all communication sent by us in email.

Email Notifications

When turning on any of the following, the sub contact will receive all communication relating to those emails, whether they have initiated the email/ticket as described above or not. It is only encouraged to use these options if someone needs to have all communication pertaining to that. For example, if you have a billing person that handles invoicing using the Invoice Emails so they get copied on all billing emails is encouraged.

  • Product Emails - Order Details, Welcome Emails, etc...
  • Domain Emails - Renewal Notices, Registration Confirmations, etc...
  • Invoice Emails - Invoices & Billing Reminders
  • Support Emails - Allow this user to open tickets in your account
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