Using AutoInstall SSL to Install SSLs

This article will describe how to use AutoInstall to install a SSL certificate.

*This will only work with SSLs purchased through us and will work only with Shared Hosting, Enterprise Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Managed Servers. For Managed Servers, please contact Client Support if the AutoInstall Feature does not show in cPanel*

•    Place an order through the Client Area at, or by going to our website and placing the order there.
•    Once you have selected the type of SSL you want (Domain Validated, Organization Validated, or Extended Validation (EV)) place the order as you normally would, including completing payment.
•    Once payment has been made, it will be placed in our order queue to activate it.
•    Once the order is activated, you can then begin the steps of using auto install.

Retrieve the Token

From Email
•    When the order is activated, the Token will be sent to you in the Welcome Email

From Client Area
•    Log in to your account at
•    Go to Services > My Services > Find the SSL you are wanting to use Auto Install with. Click on the product
•    Once done, scroll down the screen until you find the following. Copy this token.

•    Log in to cPanel once you’ve retrieved this.
•    Under Security > Click on AutoInstall SSL

•    Enter the Token where it says “Paste your Token”, then click on “Verify Token”

•    If this is correctly verified, the following screen will appear
•    Enter the domain and contact information in the fields provided and press “Submit”

•    Now, just sit back and watch the magic!

•    Once these steps are completed, your SSL should now be installed. Congrats!
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